The holistic concept
of Thai wellness

Our approach is based on the premise that wellness has now become a shared value of society and while we are focused on a highly consistent, commercial and results driven business, we are also passionate about wellness extended throughout the guest stay within a model that is collectively integrated across the hotel experience.
About us

A place to decelerate  and disconnect

We believe Holistic wellbeing is a key component of hospitality, we integrate wellness throughout the entire operations.  From F&B, daily Rituals and framed micro-moments that drive customer satisfaction and provide meaningful results. 

We deliver a highly unique and innovative approach with a passion born from a deep Asian spa culture, backed by years of global expertise.  

Our Services

Together, we will build your dream

Devarana Wellness aims to be a leading name in wellness hospitality and a trusted consulting partner.

Senior Living Project

Crafting Enriching Retirement Experiences: Your Premier Senior Living Consultant for Comprehensive Housing, Care, Social Engagement, and Financial Planning Options.

Wellness Consultant

Discover our Business Support services for tailored assistance in enhancing your venture.


Living Plan Communities offer comprehensive senior living, providing housing, care, social engagement, and financial planning.

Wellness Career

Join us in pursuing a fulfilling wellness career. Discover opportunities for growth, balance, and making a positive impact. Embrace wellness with us!

Our products collection

Body Scrub

Purifying formula with the herbal extract to draw out toxin, reduce blemishes and boost the skin immunity.

Body Oil

Revitalize your skin with antioxidant-rich body oil infused with herbal extracts for radiant, smooth wellness.

Essential Oil Roller

Aromatic oil blend in roller format for an on-the-go moment of to lift the spirit, clear the mind and calm the body whenever and wherever​.

Facial Mist

A prebiotic face mist that balances the skin microbiome. Enriched with with King of Siam Lotus extract and Green Tea seed oil to moisturize and promote youthful appearance of skin

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