Pre-Opening Services

Engage our Wellness Pre-Opening Consultants for a strategic vision-to-reality transition, meticulous planning, and seamless execution, ensuring an exceptional opening experience.

Discover & Research

We begin the Wellness Journey with Discovery, understanding your vision. Then, in Research, we evaluate data to improve your next steps.

Concept & Development

A carefully curated concept presentation, blending industry expertise, research insights, and financial modeling for optimal wellness alignment and decisions."

Design & Procurement

Explore personalized medical care for a speedy recovery. Regain your freedom after a hospital stay or obtain help for persistent health concerns.

Concept Implementation

Elevate your wellness concept through strategic collaboration, specialized services, and attractive collaterals for a seamlessly operating business.

Recruitment & Training

Modern wellness thrives through collaborative recruitment, crafting job profiles, and tailored training for a team delivering impeccable guest experiences.

Launch & Manage

We shift from thorough planning to physically launching your modern wellness establishment, assuring flawless shipping, installation, and training for an exceptional guest experience. "


Our consultants focus on translating your wellness vision into reality by providing strategic planning and seamless execution for a successful pre-opening phase.

We offer comprehensive services, including strategic planning, logistical coordination, system implementation, team training, and meticulous execution to ensure a smooth opening process.

Our consultants oversee the unpacking, installation, and interior styling, ensuring that every detail aligns with your wellness concept for an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our consultants provide meticulous training covering service excellence, sales acumen, reception proficiency, and precise treatment protocols to ensure your team is well-prepared for an exceptional guest experience.

We understand the unique aspects of each wellness concept and tailor our services to meet specific needs, ensuring a customized and successful pre-opening journey.

Contact us to discuss your wellness vision, and we’ll outline a tailored consulting plan to guide you through the pre-opening phase, setting the stage for a thriving wellness business.