Wellness Career

Embark on a rewarding journey with us, where cherished memories, genuine luxury, and unwavering employee dedication converge. Join us for a career rooted in care, respect, and tradition.

Director of Wellness

Guide holistic wellness programs, ensuring top-tier care. Implement strategies for employee health, fostering a well-being culture. Lead innovative initiatives for physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Provide dedicated team leadership, staying updated on industry trends, and fostering an empowering well-being environment.

Wellness Consultant

As the first point of contact, welcome and assist guests with a warm and friendly demeanor. Manage appointments, inquiries, and ensure a seamless wellness experience. Maintain a tidy and organized reception area. Collaborate with the wellness team to provide excellent customer service and support daily operations.

Personal Trainer

Inspire and guide clients on their fitness journey by developing personalized training programs. Motivate and educate individuals on proper exercise techniques, nutrition, and overall wellness. Create a supportive and empowering environment to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Wellness Practitioner

Guide individuals on their holistic well-being journey, offering expertise in various wellness modalities. Create personalized wellness plans, deliver services, and foster a nurturing environment to enhance clients' overall health.